FortWhyte Farms Intern Profile: Breanna Castel

This is my first year as an intern at FortWhyte Farms. I was helping out at our career fair at Children of the Earth School (COTE) when a teacher approached me about signing up for FortWhyte farms programming which started in February. I've really enjoyed coming to the farm once a week [throughout the school year] and getting to know the people and the animals. We worked in the green house, cleaned the chicken coop, fed the chickens and learned healthier ways to cook.

What I like the best about the farm are the animals. I've always had all different kinds of animals growing up. We had hamsters, dogs, cats, fish and birds. The chickens here were scary to me at first. Six of us went into the coop, and I had their food so they swarmed me. I was wearing mukluks so I could feel them pecking at my feet, it was scary! Everyone helped shoo them away so that I could pour in their feed. Then we were able to grab the eggs and left. Now I feel comfortable with the chickens after working on livestock for a week. I have faced my fear!

I'm happy to be finishing grade 12 next year, and I'm looking toward to starting the next chapter of my life at Red River College in the Primary Care Paramedic program. I'm in the Medical Careers Exploration program at COTE and that has given me the opportunity to explore different health care careers. Paramedics get to see new things every day. It's their job to keep people alive until they get to the hospital and to make quick decisions. I like the idea of having that kind of responsibility. The farm is helping me to build my quick decision-making ability.