Global Corporate Citizenship

Boeing’s corporate citizenship reflects its impact on communities by producing value-added products and services as well as through responsible business practices and by addressing social issues. Boeing employees are generous; they use their time, talent and resources to help in maintaining the success and health of communities around the world. Boeing Winnipeg is deeply involved in our community. Each year we support over 30 charitable organizations and non-profit groups in Manitoba.
United Way
Each year Boeing Winnipeg employees participate in a fundraising campaign to support the United Way, a charitable organization that supports a number of community programs. A team of volunteers organize onsite events and drives..  The funds raised are combined with corporate financial support from Boeing Winnipeg.

Sign for Art
Sign for Art is a Boeing sponsored program in which students from the Manitoba School for the Deaf, ranging from kindergarten to high school, work under the guidance of professional artists and instructors to learn various styles of art. The program, was developed with the Winnipeg Art Gallery and runs once a week for 10 weeks.  It began in 1998 and has run every year since.  Boeing Winnipeg is proud to be a part of this great program that fosters so much talent and confidence for young individuals.

FortWhyte Alive
FortWhyte’s diverse, natural setting provides a 640-acre outdoor laboratory where close to 30,000 students a year discover and learn about nature and their own important role in sustaining it for the future.  FortWhyte’s education programs engage students and educators from all areas of Winnipeg as well as outlying communities.  Educational program themes include current environmental issues (such as climate change, forestry, water, soil conservation), wilderness appreciation and survival, Manitoba’s cultural heritage, Inuit and Aboriginal peoples programming, and more. 

Siloam Mission
Boeing Winnipeg has developed a new partnership with the Siloam Mission working with a program called MOST (Mission: Off the Street Team).  In November 2006, the Mission partnered with the Downtown BIZ to develop MOST, an innovative inner-city training and employment program for Winnipeg’s less fortunate. Participants earn minimum wage as they work on downtown beautification projects, including collecting debris and litter, removing graffiti, sweeping streets and shoveling snow. As a result, local businesses are hiring a growing number of MOST participants.

Sistema Winnipeg
Sistema Winnipeg takes place in Elwick Community School and King Edward Community School, which are identified as being in low socio-economic neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. In the fall of 2013, the program will begin its third year. Running five days a week for three hours each day, Sistema Winnipeg will grow to include 100 students in 2013-2014.

This program is designed to benefit children that have the fewest social and economic resources and the greatest need. Music brings together the intellectual, emotional and social well-being of children. In addition to being linked to higher testing scores in a variety of subjects, music also increases self-esteem and levels of engagement for students.

There are 10-12 music instructors that provide specialized music instruction in the various string instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass) and in choir instruction. These instructors provide ensemble-based instruction 2-4 times per week and assist their group in the large ensemble rehearsals. In addition, the schools provide three music specialists that are designated to a specific school. These teachers provide daily music instruction (singing, musicianship, theory, percussion, etc) and program coordination.

The intensity of participating five days a week means that a strong community is developed that acts as a safe place every day. This is reinforced by the constant value of teamwork -- whether it is playing in an orchestra, in a sectional or a choir, there is a focus on ensemble skills that produce community-minded people. By hiring the best teachers, the students receive a quality music education that not only provides them with musical skills, but with discipline, confidence and responsibility. Another value of the El Sistema philosophy is mentorship. As students develop skills, they are encouraged to mentor their peers. The students from the first year will become mentors to new students beginning the program as well as continue learning how to give back to a community and how to be a proactive support in this growing community.

If you would like to learn more about the application process for contributions to a community non-profit or charitable organization, click here.