Bob Cantwell

Managing Director, Boeing Canada Operations Ltd.
Managing Director, Boeing Vancouver

Bob Cantwell is managing director of Boeing Canada Operations Ltd. and managing director of Boeing Vancouver. As managing director, Bob leads the development and implementation of the Boeing Canada enterprise strategy. He also serves as a senior corporate representative for the company in Canada and chairs the Boeing Canada Holdings Board. At Boeing Vancouver, Bob is responsible for leading the creation of cutting-edge technology to support Boeing customers worldwide.

Bob started his Boeing career in Vancouver in 2001. Starting as CFO with a staff of less than 20 people, Bob helped build Boeing Vancouver from its small beginnings to the 300+ strong analytics and aviation software leader that it is today. Prior to joining Boeing, Bob spent 21 years at Air Canada in various senior management positions.

Bob’s leadership approach is shaped not only by his professional experience, but also by a mixture of love for the industry and a passion for a positive, supportive work culture. With a father who worked for Air Canada and a daughter who pursued a career as a commercial pilot, Bob has lived and breathed aviation throughout his life.