Building a better world.

Boeing Canada believes in being a responsible corporate citizen. The Boeing Company invested more than $190 million to enhance our communities and donated thousands of volunteer hours in 2015.

As a Canadian leader of industry, we strive to help our communities address the challenges of today and create a better tomorrow.

Boeing employees are generous; they use their time, talent and resources to help in maintaining the success and health of communities around the world. Boeing Winnipeg is deeply involved in our community. Each year we support over 30 charitable organizations and non-profit groups in Manitoba.

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  • FortWhyte Farms

    FortWhyte is an outdoor laboratory where close to 30,000 students a year discover and learn about nature and sustainable behaviour. 

    Educational program themes include current environmental issues, such as climate change, Manitoba’s cultural heritage, and Aboriginal peoples programming.

    FortWhyte Farms Newsletter

  • Siloam Mission

    Boeing Winnipeg is proud of its partnership with Siloam Mission and has helped develop a particularly impactful program called MOST (Mission: Off the Street Team).

    In a matter of months, Boeing Winnipeg's Lean+ team helped Siloam Mission organize its processes and improve its capabilities.
    Boeing Winnipeg employees generously donated their time and skills to the important Winnipeg charity.

  • Sistema Winnipeg

    Sistema Winnipeg is designed to benefit children with the greatest need. In addition to being linked to higher test scores, music also increases self-esteem.

    Sistema Winnipeg creates a safe environment that emphasizes teamwork and mentorship while providing exciting musical education to children who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to express themselves through music.

  • Boeing Classic

    For 35 years the Annual Boeing Classic Indoor Track and Field Championships has been held in March in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This event serves as the annual Manitoba Indoor Age Class Championships and elementary school relays. The mission is for a successful meet where all competitors enjoy the competition in the full spirit of friendship and sportsmanship.

    Boeing Canada Winnipeg and the Organizing Committee of the Boeing Classic Indoor Track & Field Championships are proud of the quality and history of this longstanding meet and the contributions it has made to the sport of track and field in Manitoba.

  • AAIM Day

    Aerospace and Aviation in Manitoba Day is an educational event supported by Boeing and hosted by the Manitoba Aerospace Association at Red River College's Stevenson Hangar.

    Throughout the day hundreds of elementary students learn about flight and aviation.

    Visit the Manitoba Aerospace Association to see details on the event.

  • Sign For Art

    Sign for Art is a Boeing sponsored program in which students from the Manitoba School for the Deaf work with professional artists and instructors to learn various styles of art.

    The program was developed with the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 1998 and has run every year since. 

    Boeing Winnipeg is proud to be a part of this great program that fosters so much talent and confidence for hard of hearing or deaf young people.

  • United Way

    Boeing Winnipeg employees often give their time to support the United Way, a charitable organization that supports a number of community programs in Manitoba.

    Boeing Winnipeg volunteers organize onsite events and fundraisers to support the organization.

    The funds the team raises are combined with generous financial support from Boeing Winnipeg.