Montreal skyline

Boeing Montreal

Montreal is home to the Canadian offices of two Boeing subsidiaries – Jeppesen and Wisk Aero.


For over 80 years, Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary, has been helping aviation professionals worldwide reach their destinations safely and efficiently. Today, Jeppesen builds on those roots by offering an ever-expanding array of innovative informational products, services, and software—not only to air transportation partners, but also to a growing lineup of sea and land transportation partners.

From nautical charts to airline avionics and more, Jeppesen is continually innovating and remains at the forefront of the industry's shift from analog to digital tools. This forward thinking approach has lead to countless advancements in navigational information, charting, and data delivery.

Over 50 Jeppesen employees are based in Montreal, providing crew management and logistics software solutions for the aviation industry.

Wisk Aero

Wisk Aero, a leading Advanced Air Mobility company and developer of the first all-electric, self-flying air taxi in the U.S, is a fully-owned Boeing subsidiary that is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with locations, including in Montreal, around the world. With over a decade of experience, Wisk is shaping the future of daily commutes and urban travel, safely and sustainably.