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Boeing first Manitoba aerospace manufacturer to be SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe

WINNIPEG,  March 14, 2018 - Boeing has become the first aerospace manufacturer in Manitoba to be SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe.

Neal Curry, Executive Director of Made Safe and Ron Koslowsky, Vice President of Made Safe parent organization Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Manitoba, today presented Boeing representatives Brent Evans, Director, Facilities, Equipment and Environment, Health & Safety; Genesis Agravante, EHS Project Focal and Tom Kelso, former Senior Manager EHS; with a plaque commemorating their certification at a ceremony in Winnipeg attended by manufacturing leaders, safety professionals and Boeing employees.

“By moving forward with SAFE Work Certification by Made Safe, local Boeing leadership has further demonstrated their commitment to employee safety and wellbeing” said Neal Curry, Made Safe Executive Director. “From initial concept support to active engagement on Made Safe’s Manufacturing Safety Council, Boeing leadership has shown their dedication to safety at all levels and at each step along the way. I commend Boeing for their commitment to health and safety in the workplace.”

People holding a Manufacturing Safety for Manitoba banner

Said Boeing’s Brent Evans “we value human life and well-being above all else and take action accordingly. We are personally accountable for our own and collectively responsible for each other’s safety.”

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) data shows that compared to industry averages, workplaces that implement a safety and health certification program experience 42 per cent lower injury rates and 49 per cent fewer work days taken for time-loss injuries.

SAFE Work Manitoba partners with industry-based safety associations in Manitoba’s largest sectors to support certification programs; delivered by and for industry.

"By becoming SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe, Boeing has shown its commitment to prioritizing safety and health in their workplaces and in the manufacturing industry," said Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer, SAFE Work Manitoba. "On behalf of SAFE Work Manitoba, I commend them for taking this important step towards strengthening the culture of safety in our province."

About Made Safe:

A CME Manitoba initiative, Made Safe is the industry-based safety program (IBSP) for manufacturing in Manitoba. Made Safe delivers professional safety services as the go-to resource for the manufacturing industry, enabling safe, productive, cost-effective work environments. In partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba, Made Safe makes it easier for employers and workers to ensure workplaces are safe and productive. Data shows that companies involved with an IBSP report superior injury reduction performance. When industry helps industry, associations are better suited to deal with the hazards and best practices that are specific to that sector.

In addition to creating a safer and healthier workplace, upon certification Made Safe members become eligible for a rebate on their WCB premiums. Moreover, a safer industry means lower WCB costs for everyone – as much as 37 per cent based on historical data. For manufacturing, Manitoba’s largest industry, this represents millions in savings and increased economic productivity.

About Boeing:

Boeing Canada Winnipeg is the largest aerospace composite manufacturer in Canada. It opened with 57 employees in 1971 in a $3.5 million plant at 99 Murray Park Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The company now employs nearly 1,500 people in approximately 800,000 square feet of space in two sites in the city. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.


Jill Knaggs
Communications & Marketing Manager
CME Manitoba